Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesdays with LMD-Birthday Edition

Little Miss Diva had her 1st birthday just a few weeks ago.  It's amazing how fast the first year flew right by us.  To honor her special day, we had a little soiree at the house with family and a few friends.   The fabulous Emily Holmes designed the invitations. I was going with a pink elephant theme.  Yes, it's kind of random, but since we have a plethora of both, I just decided to embrace them!  

I was on a search for a few extra pink accessories, but couldn't find any pink candles that fit the bill.  Instead, I just used this Martha Stewart idea and wrapped my existing candles in streamers, which I already had on hand.  Love a free solution!  I picked up pink tulips and ranuculous from Import Flowers, and used vinca from my garden as filler.  I was pretty pleased with the results!  My flower arranging is taken a turn in the right direction.

I made the ribbon garland from pink ribbon I had on hand and some from the discount bin at Michaels. With all these pink accessories, I'm sure to have more pink parties in the future! We had a small sampling of food and adult beverages since the party was mid-afternoon.  Mr.Diva smoked up some delicious pork sliders, which sadly didn't make it into the pictures.  Harris Teeter did the smash and sheet cakes.  The pink cake with white polka dots turned out so cute and apparently everyone thought so...

Please note the before shot of the cake!

Our adorable puppy has an affinity for sweet treats.  He couldn't wait to help himself to some cake!  I just cut off the dog tasted portion and served the rest.  It was just a hilarious memory for a truly wonderful celebration.  LMD had the best time opening all her presents and dazzling the crowd.  Yay parties!

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