Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Operation Baby Room: Project 2 & 3

Project 2 was a success. Mr. Diva did a great job painting Baby March Madness' room. Sadly, I did a bad job of taking the before shots. It was the only room in our house I didn't have. You'll have to take my word that English Meadow is far better than the baby blue of yesterday.

Project 3: Accessorizing is already underway. I found just what I was envisioning at this year's Christmas Village. They are the cutest animal prints. Here's a sneak peek at one of them. They need to be framed before the final reveal. I'm also on the prowl for some new fabric to recover the rocker...so more pictures to come!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa 0, Manning 1

I really should start taking pictures of everything brand new, especially dog toys. It doesn't take long for little Man to destroy it. In the case of Santa, it took less than a day to achieve this level of carnage. Poor guy in the red suit never saw it coming!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sticky Sweet Cupcakes

Mr. Diva and Cousin K love Oreos and really love trying anything new Oreo decides to throw out there. A few weeks ago Cousin K brought over 2 bags of Oreos - 1 bag of Golden Original and the other Golden and Chocolate combo. They quickly tore into the latter, but left the Golden bag untouched. What to do with a bag of cookies?

Cousin K mentioned something about an Oreo cupcake and of course, Google happily tossed out a few recipes. I stumbled upon Beantown Baker and immediately feel in love with loads of her sweet confections. For the time being, I set my sights on the mission at hand. BB has crafted an easy to follow recipe. I split this recipe in half, so I only had 12 cupcakes as opposed to 24...what was I going to do with that many cupcakes! Upon first bite, Mr. Diva and I both thought they were good, but far too sweet for our taste; however, they were a big hit with Cousin K. I sent her home with as many as she would take!
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