Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sticky Sweet Cupcakes

Mr. Diva and Cousin K love Oreos and really love trying anything new Oreo decides to throw out there. A few weeks ago Cousin K brought over 2 bags of Oreos - 1 bag of Golden Original and the other Golden and Chocolate combo. They quickly tore into the latter, but left the Golden bag untouched. What to do with a bag of cookies?

Cousin K mentioned something about an Oreo cupcake and of course, Google happily tossed out a few recipes. I stumbled upon Beantown Baker and immediately feel in love with loads of her sweet confections. For the time being, I set my sights on the mission at hand. BB has crafted an easy to follow recipe. I split this recipe in half, so I only had 12 cupcakes as opposed to 24...what was I going to do with that many cupcakes! Upon first bite, Mr. Diva and I both thought they were good, but far too sweet for our taste; however, they were a big hit with Cousin K. I sent her home with as many as she would take!

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