Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sous Vide Me

My love for Top Chef may have wane, but my obsession with Tommy C is still going strong! 2 season ago, we were introduced to the faux hawk hearing Richard Blaise, who was obsessed with the art of sous vide. It was my first real experience watching this cooking style and something I thought best left to the professionals. Well, in the words of Gomer Pyle...Surprse, Surprise! I tried it and it was a big hit!

As most of your know, I recently made a big move out of our Nation's Capital and during that process I was cooking up some crazy fare in an effort to clean out the fridge and pantry. I seriously felt like a human disposal. When I found this recipe, it fit right in with my current plight. I altered the recipe for one person. I did 2 eggs, 2 stripes of bacon, and a little sauteed onion. You could really use any veggies, meats or cheeses that you may have on hand. Let me tell you this omelet turned out so fluffy, perfect that I would easily make this recipe again. If conquering French cuisine is still on on of your to do list, give this recipe a try and you'll feel like a success.

Friday, March 6, 2009

South of the Border Drinking

The Mezcal tasting was very delicious. How's it different from tequila? The actual process of making mezcal is very different. They smoke the agave plant for 3-5 days in a cone shape hole in the earth, so the end results is very roasty fabulous. We sampled 7 from Del Maguey Mezcal and I was surprised to find 4 that I would drink on a regular bases. The big winner of the night was the Crema de Mezcal. All of these are available behind the bar at Oyamel or at a few select local vendors. Go out and try a glass or even a bottle...perhaps you'll dazzle your friends with your vast liqour expertise!
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