Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shady lady

Gardens are definitely a work in process.  We moved into our house 3 years ago and found ourselves with some good garden structure albeit overgrown. Every spring since we moved in, I've tried to tackle a few projects-either of my own making (butterfly bed & window boxes) or Mother Natures (tree removal).  Last year, we lost one of our backyard pine trees, which allowed us to open up more of yard.  In turn, the back bed was really exposed.  It was full of Virginia creeper, ivy and weeds turned to shrubs.  It was definitely an undertaking to get the 3 large stumps out of the beds, but well worth it.  In turn, I found lots of buried stones that I used to edge along the entire back bed.  The stones really helped pull together our stone patio with the garden beds.  I transplanted a few hostas and azaleas to get the beds started. 

This spring I decided to lengthen the back corner bed.  The area between the bed and my large compost pile was more weeds than grass.  I thought it would look nice to extend the bed with the stones and some shade lovers.
For now, I'm using some monkey grass and ferns to fill and will either transplant or buy more hostas down the line.
In progress after!

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