Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green with gardening!

Ahh spring 2012, you’ve been an interesting beast.  It started off so warm that daffodils and forsythia were out record breaking early.  At one point, I just gave into the insanity and kept rooting for the warmer weather to stay since I didn’t want any of my precious early blooming perennials to suffer. It was about that time that spring garden fever hit, but of course, the local nurseries weren’t ready for us or the warmer temps.  Nor should they have been since we had a few frost scares along the way.  Thankfully, the craziness should be behind us and the garden has never looked better. 

So what’s on my 2012 garden to do list?  

1. Add height to front beds with trees and/or shrubs. 

2. Add a spigot to the front beds to help water the front yard.

3. Extend back shade bed.
Area right behind these chairs

4. Replace/paint exterior patio lights.

5. Gut lily bed since it doesn't get enough light anyway.

6. Install rain barrel. 

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