Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To the trees!

Thanks to some great foundation shrubs my front beds are in pretty good shape, but there are two spots that could really benefit from some height.  

I called in the expertise of my always amazing uncle, who has a degree in horticulture.  He suggested both a leatherleaf viburnum and Foster's Holly.  They would work in the bare spots and would fill in quite nicely over the coming years.  

I have a few go to nurseries that I hit up when I need something beyond your everyday essentials-hostas, impatiens, etc.  Nurseries are trouble for me.  If I don't go in with a plan, I can find myself over budget coming home with plants I really don't need.  Instead of making the 30 minute trek, I called ahead and was so glad I did.  It turns out that viburnums were a little hard to find and the leatherleaf variety had fallen out of local favor.  Perhaps I was going with an out of fashion plant? Too funny!  Since I couldn't find a leatherleaf in stock, I opted for another viburnum variety-Allegheny.  It will grow just as tall and wide, but will have a slightly different appearance.  

At another nursery, I found one of the last Foster's Holly in stock.  So my plan was really coming together.  We transplanted the 2 existing bushes to a new home right by the HVAC where they should fill in nicely.  My uncle also suggested trimming these shrubs back to help them adjust to their new home, so they are looking a little sad now (couldn't bare to post a pic).  Hopefully, by the end of the summer, they will be back in good shape.  Next, the Foster's Holly found it's new home.  It's amazing what a difference 2 plants can make to a landscape! 

While the new plants are still small, they will eventually fill in the gaps.  I can't wait to post an update!

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