Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Light me up!

The weather has been so nice that I just have to be outside whenever I can, but since I can't just sit still, it means I've been coming up with lots of garden and patio projects to tackle.  One that's been on my list for awhile were our 2 back patio lights.

I'm guessing they were gold or copper fresh out of the box and have just oxidized over time.  I toyed with buying new lights, but why buy something new when I can paint!  Since I already had some black paint and a brush on hand, what did I really have to loose.  My patio furniture and accessories are mostly black, so I thought it would work.  I really do love the way the black plays with all of natures' greens, especially chartreuse this time of year.   It took about 2 coats of a paint and some glass cleaner to give these lights a quick facelift!  My favorite kind of project-quick, free and successful! 

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