Wednesday, February 15, 2012

King Cake Me

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It's that time of year again.  The time of beads, drinks and lots of King Cake!  This year I ordered our cake from a new spot out of Baton Rouge.  If you haven't heard me screaming about how fabulous it was, it's only because I was busy stuffing my face with more cake!  Seriously, it's the best cake we've ever had....mmm icing!

I also decided to channel my inner Martha.   I got her new entertaining book for Christmas and have truly been inspired.  I decided to try my hand at flower arranging after reading a book by one of her favorites.  Beyond arranging stargazer lilies (see last year's arrangement), I was pretty clueless!  Michael's ideas are fairly straight forward and turn out looking great.  Seriously, why didn't I know some of the basics before now! 

I also whipped up a little bar area in our living room, so guest could have quick access to the good stuff.  I just removed 2 shelves of accessories and replaced with bar must haves.  I really do love a good bar!  Do you leave your bar out and about or hidden away?

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