Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Testing again

There are always so many recipes on my list and only so many actually get made.  Seriously, what am I thinking when I tear them out of magazines, bookmark them or save them in my inbox?  I'm only one cook with even less time to test recipes now that Little Miss Diva (LMD) is moving around the house.  It's probably a good thing because now I really have to think the through the steps (too many steps...bye bye recipe) and flavors (odd ingredient resulting in a frantic trip to Whole Foods-I'll pass). 

I stumbled upon this breakfast muffin recipe and thought it would be a great go-to for both myself and Little Miss Diva's morning meal.  The ingredients are all things I pretty much keep as staples in my pantry/refrigerator. The steps were simple enough that I could do while LMD napped and still have a little time leftover for myself! The recipe says to serve these fresh out of the oven, but I'm thinking they will keep in the refrigerator for a day or two.  I'm all for homemade breakfast, but who wants to get up early to feed a baby at 7!

Verdict:  They are a tasty treat, but one muffin leaves you still a bit hungry & it was hard for me to think about eating a second biscuit calorie wise.  LMD, who loves some scrambled eggs,  kept spitting it out this one goes and onto other recipes

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