Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Herb Garden Prep

Last year, Mr Diva and I trimmed back some very large laurel bushes along our patio (sadly those photos were recently lost in a computer crash).  It made a huge improvement to our backyard, so I've been contemplating the same fate for the holly bushes.

They had become too leggy from years of neglect and were in major need of some pruning.  Winter is a good time to tackle this task before any spring growth begins.  Plus, this bed is going to be home to my new herb garden, so we had even more of a reason to prep this bed.  After about 45 minutes of trimming, here's what we have. 

It's like looking at pale white legs before the tan, but it's worth it.  Come summer time these guys will be looking as good as new.  Next up:  Weeding and Mulching! 

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