Friday, July 15, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover: Part 1

A few weeks ago, Mr. Diva noticed that we had a leak in the basement.  Plumbing and electrical repairs are above our pay grade, which mean a plumber had to be called.  Our house was built in the late 40's and we definitely still have some of the pipes to prove it.  After about an hour, the plumbers found the leak right behind our large and in charge cast iron laundry room sink. 

It was a no brainer to remove the sink to give us a little more room in the laundry.  Some people really enjoy a utility sink, but ours took up too much room in a cramped space.  So out dear sink out and in laundry room makeover!

Next up: Pulling out the ugly, poorly hung wire shelves and replacing with cabinets!

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