Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heavenly Honey Rolls

There's a definitely difference between cooks and bakers. Cooks can throw together a good dinner with a little dash of this and a hint of that. Bakers are a little more precise with their concoctions. I consider myself a cook. I will happily peruse my larder and whisk up something for dinner, but a baker I'm not...or at least I'm working my way up the ranks to that classification. I've got a few great sweet dishes in my repertoire, but bread and I have had a rather tumultuous affair. Late last summer, I decided to mend this relationship. Poor Mr. Diva had to try some less than savory loaves of bread and lots of dry rolls. Thankfully, I found a good go to recipe for both homemade white and wheat bread, so yesterday, I decided to take on rolls. Let me tell you that this recipe smells, looks and tastes delicious. It was almost like the Hot Doughnuts Now sign was on when I popped these out of the oven. The honey butter accompaniment drives this recipe out of the park. It makes a whopping 28 rolls, but you can freeze whatever you don't eat. I suggest giving them to your friends, but like a Pringle once you pop, you just can't stop!

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