Friday, November 13, 2009

Bread Baker's Challenge: Recipe 4

Note: Just noticed this post never went up! In the words of Homer Simpson, D'oh! Read on for more bread goodness!

With week 4 of The Bread Baker's Challenge safely tucked under my divalcious kitchen apron,I'm starting to feel like a bonafide baker. This challenge has really helped me with the fundamentals/techniques of bread baking. I've learned the importance of letting your starter/sponge sit over night to intensify the bread's flavors and creating a steam filled environment for the early stages of baking. While I might not lust after every recipe in this book, I definitely have found a few new favorites. I never would've guessed that I would make yummy bagels of my own. (Diva Note: I promise to update you once I make Cheddar Jalapeno bagels...mmm).

This week I tested brioche, which was as buttery and flaky as promised. The recipe made enough for 3 loaves, so I made 2 traditional white loaves and 1 cinnamon sugar swirl loaf. All breads were very tasty, but I'm more into texture (like the anadama) and less into the buttery/flakiness of the traditional loaf. The real winner was the cinnamon sugar loaf, which is an absolutely salacious start to cinnamon rolls. (Diva Note: I'll be tackling cinnamon rolls in a few weeks. MMM I can't wait).

Next Up: I've decided to venture off course and hit my second favorite bread, the English Muffin! I can just taste the breakfast sammies that I'll make with these.

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