Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Affairs of my Media Heart

The old adage is true…absence makes the heart grow fonder. There are people that consider my love affair a low down dirty shame…a waste of time, but I’ve got to tell you that my love continues to grow and quite honestly will never wane. I’m a big time TV lover and I’m proud of it!

While Mr. Diva and I were in transition from DC townhouse to Nashville Cape Cod, we took a television hiatus. Actually, we were generously put up in a fabulous place…the only hiccup was NO CABLE except a lonely CBS station. Now some people would love to live life without TV and probably already do. Well, let me tell you that it was a tough 5 weeks for this Diva, but I survived and have the koozie to prove it. Kids, the world without TV is far meaner than any Real Housewife, more disturbing than a case on The Closer and could easily use a comical dose from my boy Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother!

I learned that no matter what Harry tries to say, I just can’t stand The Early Show. It’s clear that he’s living his own personal Groundhog Day hell. I definitely missed my quick jolt of GMA before I simmered down with Regis and Kelly. I did learn that when it comes to TV or no, I’ll watch the local news and fain interest. Did you know that you can buy groceries on auction?!?!

Now that my sabbatical is over, I look forward to no longer watching my favorites shows on my laptop, to restocking my TIVO and to checking out the ridiculous new creations out there. TV is an important part of my life. It’s like classical literature to some. I live for Cappy and Casey to finally reunite. I long for Monk to discover his wife’s killer. I yearn Michel Weston to find out who burned him. I live for TV. It makes me a funnier, more inquisitive and down right happier person. So do yourself a favor, click on your Sammy, Toby or Sylvia and find your favorite program…sit back with a glass of something tasty and enjoy because without TV life would just be down right worthless.

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