Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Attack of the Killer Tomato Bread

My sister and I are big fans of all things tomato...with basil, noodles or just straight up. When this recipe came up on my favorite bread blog, I immediately put it in the hopper. Now that the boxes are unpacked and pictures hung, I've begun tackling the surplus of recipes. I've tried a few recipes from the Kneader before, but nothing blog worthy...until now. I really loved this bread. As these loaves bake, it smells like a delicious Margherita style pizza heating up. I slightly altered the recipe to accommodate my larder. I just went with regular AP flour instead of bread flour and I replaced the thyme with basil in the tomato spread since I've got a plentiful stash in my herb garden. Next time, I want to add a little mozzarella to perfect this already tasty to recipe. I think cheese makes everything just a little better!

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