Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a baller

"I'm a baller, shot caller" After Christmas, I still had a few red and green M & M's surfing in the candy dish. Since I didn't want them to linger well passed Valentine's Day, I hit the net looking for a good M & M cookie recipe. My last attempt caused the colors to bleed and left me thinking the Keebler variety might just be better.

Thank goodness for the delicious tastings over at Beantown Baker. Her recipe is spot on. You really can't go wrong with all that butter and brown sugar. I made a batch and froze the rest as per her suggestion. Well the frozen batches never made it to the oven. Once Mr. Diva discovered that we had fresh cookie dough in the house, it became his go to dessert of choice.

Once the first batch was polished off, I did tweak it a bit to include Mr. Diva's favorite...Reese's Pieces. Now he's convinced I should be marketing this all over Nashville. In the meantime, start watching your waistlines because they tiny morsels are addictive!

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