Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Operation Baby Room: Project 1

It was a beautiful Sunday in Nashville, which makes it a great day for a Mr. Diva project. Bad news for him, the hangover from yesterday's UT/UGA game was still pummeling the poor guy though he didn't let it keep him down. First project for Baby March Madness' room, the bookshelf.
I've had this bookshelf forever, but never got around to staining it. Staining is super easy if you've never done it. Just make sure you've got a well ventilated area (or outside) as this stuff is really potent. I chose to let Mr. Diva complete this one as the fumes were just too strong for this Diva mama. We used Minwax's Red Chestnut wood stain and one coat seemed to do the trick.

Next up: Painting


  1. I'm just seeing this. Love it! Love the look of those apple pie muffins, too - yumm! Take care Diva mommma:)

  2. Aw... fun! And congratulations!! I can't wait to hear more about the room. I love baby rooms!


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