Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Demolition Diva

It's already one crazy week at Casa Diva, so why not add a big renovation project to the mix! I've been wanting to get pull up the nasty cream carpet in our sunroom from the moment we set foot in this house. Well now that Manning has his little dog door with full on dirty doggie paws that project is a must.

Long before the dog was on the scene, I hit up a tile class at Home Depot. It's a freebie and SO informative. I spent 2 hours learning from one of the best instructors out there. If you're in Nashville, be on the look out for Paul at the Thompson Lane store.

I'm hoping that if I take it a little bit day by day, my latest endeavor won't be that bad. So today was D-Day. I pulled up the carpet, padding and nasty tack strip. All in all, it was probably an hour of not too bad work with the tack strip being the worst of it all.

So for now, we're left with an empty floor ready for some self leveling mortar and Hardie backer board. Ohhh so glam! I promise some great before and after shots next week. Remember this room use to be a nasty lime green!

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