Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bread Baker's Challenge: Recipe 5

I've been on a bread making hiatus for no good reason, but laziness. For lent, I gave up all white breads and pastas, which left a whole world of whole grains at my disposal. It's led me to my absolute favorite homemade bread yet...Multigrain Bread Extaordinaire from The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I seriously might throw in the towel and just camp out on the island of multigrain! This bread is deliciously sweet and delightfully chewy. It's honestly the best bread I've made in my 2 year quest for the best.

Why no picture? I just couldn't wait. One of Peter Reinhart's axioms is to wait and cut 1-2 hours before cutting the bread. Well when it smells this good, throw all caution to the wind! I'm so glad I did. Come on over and I'll glad whip up a loaf for you!

Coming soon: I'm making a Greek Feast for my Bunko crew. Be prepared for some fun new Mediterranean savories!

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