Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Russia with Love!

Back in my college days, I use to fall asleep to the Cajun cooking of the big E. Talk about delicious dreams! The Food Network wouldn't have registered on my radar without him. His energy was (and still is) contagious and caused the network to really hit it's stride. It came as a slight surprise when they opted to not keep him on full time even though they continue to run his fabulous reruns. Of course, the Food Execs make lots of baffling decisions everyday.

Moving on to the food of the matter...I stumbled upon Emeril's Penne A La Vodka Casserole. I've long loved Penne a la Vodka (thanks Da Tommaso), so this dish sounded like a perfect idea for a cold, wintry day. Good news: It was! Mr. Diva, my Aunt and I all went back for seconds. I made a few changes because hey that's what we do! I went with the diced tomatoes with basil & oregano instead of average crushed tomatoes. I also just broke up the sausage instead of slicing, which seemed to work out fine and gave every bite a delicious sausagey taste. Whether you make a few adjustments or make it as the recipe as is, you've got a meat lovers treat with this recipe!

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