Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mrs. Diva Greenthumb

So before Manning took over my attention, I was fast at work in my garden. I have become a woman obsessed! I even joined a local gardening society. I've seriously dorked out on all things gardening. It's so rewarding to see everything come to life this time of year. Hostas...iris...ferns! I love it. I just hope the little pup stays clear from all my hard work.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Diva and I decided to clear out some overgrown shrubs and replace with grass. Here's what we started with:
After clearing out all the ivy & weeds, we tackled the shrubs. I took the 5 large laurels and transplanted them throughout the yard. I hate for a perfectly good plant to go to waste. Then, we tilled up the dirt, planted some grass seed and viola! It's nearly complete...just another round of grass seed and I think we've got it. Plus it's really opens the backyard up for Manning and potential football throwing!

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